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Invasion of the Body Snatchers January 17, 2007

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The story of the movie is set in a fictional town of Santa Mira. The movie begins with the introduction of the lead actor, whom the government agencies see as a mentally retarded person and detain him. Then, the doctor – Dr. Binnell narrates the story.


Dr. Binnell returns from a medical convention after his nurse asks him to urgently come back to his clinic after a large number of patients turn up at his clinic. Most of them accuse their loved ones of being imposters. Soon, the doctor’s love from his past too turns up at his clinic asking him to help her cousin, who accuses her father of being an imposter.


A psychiatrist – Dr. Dan Kaufman then informs Dr. Binnell that the cases are nothing but ‘epidemic mass hysteria’. But, Dr. Binnell still has a strange feeling of something going wrong in the town. He then soon discovers a strange body on a pool table at his friend-Jack Belicec’s house, which he thinks has some resemblance with his friend. When Jack falls asleep sitting, the body comes to life and seeing the body coming to life Jack and his wife get frightened and rush to Dr. Binnell’s house. But, when Jack and Dr. Binnell go back to Jack’s house, they find that the body has disappeared, leave behind a blood mark on the table. Then Dr. Binnell finds a similar kind of body in the basement of Becky’s house.  Then slowly the doctor’s realizes that the people of the town are slowly being replaced by some bot kind of things, which evolve from plantlike pods and later take over the person’s memory and life, when he sleeps. But, the movie doesn’t talk about the disposing of bodies of actual people.


Dr. Binnell and Becky keep running away from the bots, which he assumes that the aliens have planted on this planet. But, unfortunately Becky too falls prey to the alien’s plot, and gets converted into a bot, whom Dr. Binnell abandon’s and runs to the highway shouting for help, from where he gets detained by the law enforcement authorities. They believe in his story, only when they find a truck full of the plantlike pods.


The “bot people” in this film don’t act like the controlled zombies you would expect them to be, except in the group scenes. Taken one by one, they just seem to be bad tempered. Often they act quite human. More consistency for “bot people” behavior would have been an improvement, as well as greater contrast in personalities between those converted and those still alive.


The movie being a sci-fi flick still has a love sub plot, which brings several questions to the viewers mind. Why can’t be Becky and Dr. Binnell be shown as happily married couple, rather than being shown as long lost lovers? Also questions like What if the people closest to you were suddenly different. What if they had some secret and evil plan? What if they wanted you to join them, even against your will?


Namesake November 4, 2006

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Mira Nair’s latest film Namesake based on Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel of the same name was the opening film of the IAAC film festival in New York. Namesake is a story describing the good ol cultural shock a Bengali family faces when it moves to foreign land. The story is very different from other “desi” stories that we get to see these days. Infact the novel is itself very different in that sense. I mean it does not treat the problems or dilemmas faced by the family abroad as comic in any way. It gravely delves into the mixed identity of an individual born to desi folks in foreign land. Gogol born into a houselhold thats striving hard to keep up with their dilapidating values is himself trying hard to survive between two conflicting cultures to fit in the one in which he will spend the rest of his life. The novel is a wonderful read for people aiming to do higher studies abroad where they might face this confusion of whether to keep their identity as an Indian and hope to be accepted as that or, to mix in at the cost of dilution of ones own values, or do a little bit of both.

The screenplay has been written by Sooni Taraporevala (Salaam Bombay). Kal Penn, one of the most typical definitive desis in the hollywood plays Gogol. His earlier films like American Desi and Harold and Kumar go to white castle have both showed the light brattish side of him, this would perhaps be the most challenging role hes done till date. Irfan Khan and Tabu playing the parents of Gogol need no introduction. With this caste and team, Namesake obviously demands expectations.

One of my favortite bloggers has already had a talk with Mira Nair and Kal Penn. You can hear them here and read more about it here.

Dhoom 2 September 1, 2006

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The trailer of Dhoom 2 makes Tom Cruise’s tall building swing in MI III look like childs play. Dhoom, its prequel, introduced to the Indian film industry the bad_biker_boyz. The cutsom bikes became the latest hip show-off and sunglasses an essential accessory for a bike. John Abrahams hunkish looks with off-beat attitude (gotta give it to him, the guy never got caught!) won several billion hearts in Dhoom and to do justice to that image who else other than the greek god-bod of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan, would havel played the role of the bad hero in Dhoom 2. The other unique selling point of Dhoom 2 is the fantabulously gorgeous looking Aishwarya, the trailer however doesnt clarify whether shes a good girl or bad 😦

With the success of Dhoom, Dhoom 2 is expected to crash all records. My only contention is, whether the story will be original or not. Krrish, the most sucessful film of this year so far, had surprising similarities with Paycheck (remember the computer that can predict the future, that part was lifted!). I just hope that Hrithik is not after some computer disc and he doesnt transcend down inverted from the ceiling in a high security zone to copy the disc from a computer. Also to not to ignore Abhishek Bachan, I think he will provide ample support as a co-actor and so will Bipasha.

Music seems to be great and so do the graphics and cinematography. Dhoom had a song by Tata Young, I just hope theres Alizée in this one! . A nice moi Alizee for the credits!

The Blog August 7, 2006

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Finally, on the occasion of our 3rd anniversary, we have underwent a major revamp of our interfaces. And so our schedules and the plans for screening movies for this year.

We have started this blog to provide a platform for the DA-IICT community to discuss movies.

There are still a lot more things in store.

All of you can post your comments here in this blog.

People interested in contributing reviews, can leave their e-mail address in the comment or jus drop in a mail at film_club[at]daiict.ac.in. We will send you an invite to join this blog.

Ravi Atluri