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Guru January 16, 2007

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Sometime back whenever a very talked about film hit the screens, a small number of us went toGuru watch them with the objective of critical analysis and to look for and note minute technical or edit slips that others would have missed. In effect anything that would give us something to tell the world about the film, something the world will not get to know from other sources. It took a long time and money to realize that by doing so a lot of us were missing the main idea of Cinema. Together with this realization came the idea of a blog and this blog combines the two ideas. Main idea of cinema, which in my opinion is featuring a story in a it appeals to the masses, and frank opinion about a film without getting into jargaon. I say this because some dozens of reviews of Guru do this. They either tell you the plot and period, or get into an absolute microcosmic detail like the camera shots and synchronism.

I will not to do this, cause Ive learnt it the hard way not to. Ill tell you why I think Guru is Abhishek Bachchans best performance so far after Yuva and why in my opinion we will get to see plenty of Aishwarya and Abhishek in years to come (in films I mean). Mani Ratnam may not concur with it but its a fact that Guru is inspired from the life of Dhirubhai Ambani. The parallels are many. First Gurubhai comes from a village in Gujarat, next he goes to Turkey, Gurubhais first love is cloth and then silk and eventually polyster and if that wasnt enough. An unparalleled event in the history of Indian industry, the meeting called by Dhirubhai Ambani in a stadium full of shareholders. For me its enough to consider it an adaptation of his life. The story isnt the best aspect of the film, the script however has a constant pace. It doesnt rush at places and slows down other times, it just maintains its quite a low pace throughout the film. This pace is what makes it important for the dialogues to be great if not extraordinary and that they are indeed.

apne 5 minute diye the, maine sadhe char minute mein hi ye sab khatam kar diya..yahan bhi 30 second ka fayada. ise kehte hain business

main baniya hoon saab, baatein bhi kanjoosi se kharch karta hoon

mujhe na shabd sunayi nahin deta

ek shirt ek pant , ek sala aur ek biwi lekar is sheher main aaya tha aur aaj…

Abhishek Bachchan is something to really look for in the film. There are some who say that besides him theres not much in the film, but to be honest I couldnt imagine putting anyone else in place of Aishwarya in the film. Simply because she didnt get overshadowed by this larger than life image of Gurubhai and didnt end up merely being one of his supporters but rather provided a strong backing that even Gurubhai couldnt have done without. Mithun Chakravorty appears after a long time on screen doing a well suited role of a Bengali newspaper chief editor. Madhavan and Vidya Balan pay cameos but theyr really good too.

Aishwarya Rai makes an entry similar to the one in Roja with the song Barson Re Megha Megha. At that point Dil hai chota sa comes to mind. A R Rehmans music is something I cannot comment upon. Same applies to lyrics of Gulzar and when the powers combine… The last sequence of scenes take place in a courtroom where come cases are registered against Gurubhai. It suddenly reminds us of the last few scenes of Aviator. Abhishek Bachchans acting is at its best at this point. Well to say it in a few words, this film works. Its a little slow but works. Definitely not allowed to miss on the large screen.


A good year January 8, 2007

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After having seen the big preview of a good year on Zee Studio lately, I couldnt resist the temptation of watching it and I was not surprised that it was upto my expectations. Though I was sceptical if Ridley Scott, the maker of the first Alien in 1979, could deliver a good love story drama, I was keen to see the duo of Ridley Scott and Russel Crowe in a completely different genre from the Gladiator, and if that wasnt enough, this was Russel Crowe’s next film after the Cinderella Man, the one film I will take the copy of with me to my grave, so in short, I had enough fire in me to be the couch potato for this one. The drop dead crazy gorgeous Marion Cotillard who played Josephine in the Big Fish plays Fanny Chenal (a french women) in this film.

Marion Cottilard and Russel Crowe in A good year (2006).

Max Skinner (Crowe) is a big fish in the trading market has recently discovered that his uncle has left him a chateau and a vineyard in France. In his own words he has grand memories of that place. He goes to his childhood home and plans on selling it. A rather funny encounter with Fanny sets his love hormones working. Fanny runs a small restaurant and it is here Max first asks her out. Things begin to change, an unknown and unheard of relative of Max uncles makes an entry, the caretaker of the vineyard pleads to Max for not selling the vineyard and Fanny falls in love with Max. Now Max has to chose between his life and his career. Ill save the suspense, he choses life, but how he discoveres what life is, is something you should see. Together with the love story, theres enough that goes in the life of other characters, something which we dont see in all love stories.

There are some really witty and memorable dialogues. Fanny on being disturbed by Max in her restaurant says

I am too busy to ignore you.

.. remember this is France, the customer is always wrong.

When young Max and his uncle are playing chess and Max cheats on him. Max’s uncle says to the young Max.

Max, have I told you, why I enjoy making wine so much?

Max replies

You dont make the wine, uncle Henry, that guy Russel does.


Youve started to sound like a communist, Max, in France its always the landowner who makes the wine. ..Now then, I enjoy making wine because this sublime nectar, is quite simply incapable of lying.. all the planting, the fermenting, its nothing more than the art of bottling truth.

Its very much like a Bollywood love story filled with background music and coincidences but let me assure you much less melodramatic. Excellent watch for all.

The Associate December 20, 2006

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Whoopie Goldbergs brilliance and the different storyline are what make The Associate a lovely watch. The story begins with the cliched theme of one friend backstabing the other by stealing ideas and taking credits but thats about all that is predictable about the story. The corporate independence of a women is the main conflict in the film, how the conflict resolves is for you to see in the film. Its not  one of those stock market jargaon filled incomprehensible films like the wall street and the rogue trader, whatever happens in the film happens in plain English and happens at a very fast pace.
A completely feel good film that has lot of feminism and very little humor. The story also has something to do with a software company being acquired by Hewlett Packard  and all the things that come with it, the chaos in the market, the geeky CEO getting cold sweat and an investment consultancy firm saving the day. Very exciting stuff.  Do watch if you get a chance.

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A Walk To Remember October 25, 2006

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Love is like wind. You can’t see it but you can feel it.

 When it comes to the “Teenage Love” as the subject of art, Music explored it and presented it in a far more elegant manner than movie. Most of the teen movies are about lust, erotica and fun. They are enjoyable in their own manner but the love side of a Teen is something which is conspicuous yet seldom taken up by movie. However, all the right ingredients make “A walk to remember” a perfect movie about teenage love in a world that isn’t always perfect.

A Walk To Remember is a tale of a romance between two opposites; Landon played by (Shane West) and Jamie played by (Mandy Moore). Landon Carter (Shane West) is a big name in the school in-crowd – an aimless, moody, troublemaker who breezes through school making the most of his popularity. One night, he dares a boy to jump into a reservoir in order to join his gang. When the prank goes wrong with the boy ending up in hospital, Landon is given community service to do – he is assigned to tutor disadvantaged students on the weekends and to participate in the Drama Club’s spring play. This throws him together with Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), a girl who he has known all his life but ignored.

Serious, conservative, and daughter of the town’s church minister, Jamie (Moore) is as far from cool as she can possibly be, and doesn’t care – she knows where she is going and what she wants to do with her life. Struggling with the lines of the school play, Landon is forced to ask Jamie for help. In spending time together, Landon learns to worry less about what others think of him and more about doing what he feels is right. The two become friends and a relationship develops. However, Jamie has a very big secret she must keep from Landon – one that will get in the way of their romance and destroy their future together.

The “cool kid meets misfit and falls in love” story has been done many times, but this is a fine example of the genre. Both West and Moore produce likeable characters with depth. They also make the most of the script, which has a twist or two which makes it stand out from the crowd. Starting out as a lightweight teen movie, it develops into a fine right-of-passage fable which is surprisingly worthwhile.


As a maturing male, I couldn’t help but cry inside. As teens we all had crush on someone. However, this movie shows all the emotions and the bonding you would have missed while in college. I found myself wishing I were either Landon or Jamie, because they represent the real virtues of life and love. This isn’t your typical love story, because when it comes down to it, the love is only part of the whole scheme. While I never expected this to touch me so much, AWTR enters as perhaps one of my favorite movies . You will feel as if you’re a part of the movie, you will be able to relate to them, and you will love it. AWTR succeeds in delivering a great experience.

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak October 23, 2006

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I wanted to watch QSQT since I heard a senior sing Mazaa aa raha.. kasam se ! as a freshman, shed sung it beautifully and got me all nostalgic about a film I saw ten years back so when I got the opportunity to watch this film again yesterday night (or today morning if you may), after ten years I took it with all limbs. Hate to use the cliched fifth standard essay statement but Ive seen many love stories but this is my favorite. Beautiful music, traditional rivalry between two families, mature people in puppy love, elopement and a romeo juliet end, what more could one ask in one film. The families dont accept the love between Amir Khan and Juhi Chawla but they arent too particularly keen to get their love sanctioned by their parents and so they run away to some place and stay in some barely standing brick structure, which incidentally is close to a pond so that they dont have any water problems. Raj (Amir Khan) prepares a make-shift roof and volla ! they are living happily but soon to be found by the Gundas (ugly looking , strong built, underpaid extras) deputed to look for them, they are found and in some strange consequences Rashmi is shot dead. Raj then kills himself.
Perfect ending, I would say. I hope I havent spoiled your fun by telling you the ending but believe me there after the interval there was never any doubt that this wouldnt happen 😉
Its good to go back a few decades to see old love stories. They are a much better commentary about those times than the films we have are of our times. We are trying to show open relationships when dreaming about marrying a southie girl for a northie guy is like dreaming about a body massage by Madonna … uhmm just not gonna happen man 😦

This film was a lot truer in that sense, actually telling what you face when you take that bold/rash/wonderful(!) step, but honestly music is great, Anand-Milind rocked or should I say ska’d and picturization of some songs are absolutely terrific. Good watch for nothing_to_do_evenings with friends.