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Enemy at the gates December 18, 2006

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Enemy at the gates is one of those films at the end of which either your dead or your alive. Either your truley madly deeply in love or betrayed by your bretheren. Either you’r a young kids dead body hanging on the pole or you’r a mother unaware of her childs death, either way your one of the characters of the film. If theres ever a film that sucks you in, this is bloody well one of them.
Its the true story of Hitlers attack on Stalingrad (1942) during the second world war. Vassili Zytsev is a young man brought up in the ice covered hills of russia, taught shooting by his grandfather. At a time when retreating soldiers were considered as traitors and shot by their own countrymen, Vassili brings in something that motivates the dead spirit of the red army. He brings in hope. He becomes a hero when people desperately need one. He single handedly snipes a large number of Nazi personnels and trains many more to be like him.
An experienced sniper of the Nazi army is called to end the Vassili story. Through some insider information, he knows exactly where hes going to be and waits for him. A battle begins between two sniper rifles and two pairs of eyes that dare not blink. Sounds exciting enough? if not then its my fault. If you’r a war films lover, you ought to see this one to be called one, if not, well its a good time to become one. A must watch for people interested in the red army history, the fact that its a true story make it all the more fantastic. A scene where one sniper can see the other through a mirror is just brilliant. The sets are great and flawless. If youv seen some war films, youd know how foolish editing can destroy a great film. Highly recomended.

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New triple X December 11, 2006

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Vin Diesel deserved more justice. Ice cube, the next triple X film is one of the most cliched action film to ever hit the big screen. An ex navy seal serving time in a high security prison makes a deal with another ex navy seal to get himself out in return of doing a job. His job is to retrieve a hard drive from a highly secured area and after some hardly mentionable action sequences, he does that. Like I said, highly cliched. Theres absoutely nothing, nothing at all, in the film.
Not that I loved the original triple X but this one surpasses all the screwed up sequels to this date. The new triple X, as hes called, is nowhere near being cool and astronomical miles away from being an action hero, and did I tell you that it has some text book dialogues as well, like “are you sure this is our man!” and “I aint taking any orders from noone especially none from the college boy ! “.  If youve seen as many films as I have, you can almost predict the next scene with dialogues.
A few scenes are well shot, all credit to the stunt directors who almost always save the day, the rest is all old scenes with new faces.

Casino Royale November 18, 2006

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Daniel Craig is newly promoted to double 0 status and M as usuall feels this is a mistake but as double Os have a very short life expectancy her mistake is apparanetly going to be short living. For those who have followed the Bond from Dr No to Die Another Day, Casino Royale would seem to be in a completely different plain with little similarities to the other Bond films. Like all Bond films, everyone (including the audience) recognise the real backstabbing “bitch” but he doesn’t. Like all Bond films the BMW looks as gorgeous as that “bitch”, but thats about it. Take these things out of the equation and we have a hardly interested in sex bond who actually looks Greek God enough to look like an assasin. If you havent seen this film and I told you that Bond actually takes a shower in this film with Eva Green (spoiler coming), fully clothed trying to calm her down, I know youd have second thoughts if its the same Bond, but after four decades of seducing and being seduced, Bond finally fell in love (awwwe).

Right! lets get back to the film. A Russian looking terrorist known as Le Chiffre is the guy Bonds after. The story is linked to the after-effects of the 9/11 on the stockmarket. Le Chiffre has put some wild bets with huge odds in the market which he tries to pull of by a terrorist act, failing which he has an opportunity to make up his loses through a game of high stake poker, needless to say, Bond is there as well, and  here I leave the story hanging in the thin air.

The story is a little unclear at times and at times the background score screws up. The gadgets hardly show up and theres just one beautiful woman. The only thing that worked was Daniel Craig. Hes the first Bond who actually looks like hes had some physical training other than french lip excercises. A twenty minute Poker game made the few minutes in the middle boring, I didnt get much (any) of it, but when the crowd clapped I knew Bond did well. Craig fits the model of a cold sly hit man and to give the other people (director and co.) some credit, hes been used very generously in that sense. Possibly the best action Bond film, Casiono Royale is worth betting hundred bucks.

my rating –> 8.5/10.

favorite aspects –> action and Daniel Craig.

Wasabi October 28, 2006

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Wasabi is a spicy member of the cabbage family. It is used in frito lays or consumed justWasabi ! spicy mustard like like that as a hot salad. Why this particular french film is called Wasabi is unexplained. Like a tossed salad Wasabi (the film) has a lot of ingredients like a big built no shit taking T shirt wearing French policeman recovering from lost love and hangover, Japanese gangwars with guns and no kung-fu, a japanese girl who meets her french father after 17 years whose mother has recently died of .. yes .. cancer. Like all tossed salads the color of each ingredient stands out and looks (tastes) better with each other only. The genre is somewhere between pre 80’s action, when the hero had to be a close cousin of hercules, and present day comedy with a lot of saracasm and spoofs. A french kick-ass policeman is given an unsolicited break from work. He receives a phone call informing about the death of his girl friend, who he hasnt seen since the last 19 years. He leaves to attend her last rites in Japan where he meets his 17 yr old daughter. He suspects fowl play in the death of her mother and discovers her 200 m$ bank account and then we have a mystery on our hands, though not of the best ones.
The humour is way too cool and so is the action which is a little too much at times. Jean Rean (Captain Bezu Fache in Da-Vinci Code) suits the french policeman role perfectly his strong built makes up for his stupid expresssions and at time lack of them. One of my favorite scenes is the way he rotates a revolver on his middle finger like a cowboy, believe me that revolver keps rotating for almost 10 seconds, whoevers done it deserves more than what Jean got for the whole film. Jean’s is an old time friend in Japan is a person who loves to go back to the old times and is over eager to kick some ass, brings rocket launchers and hand grenades when Jean asks for a handgun. During a small 3 minute completely unimportant scene Jean and his friend have Wasabi which Jean instantly falls in love with and that friend of his doesnt take too kindly, thats the only mention of Wasabi in the film. Superb watch for action film and wasabi lovers, though theres not too much wasabi in wasabi afterall.