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The Associate December 20, 2006

Posted by ujj in Mood: sweet, Reviews.

Whoopie Goldbergs brilliance and the different storyline are what make The Associate a lovely watch. The story begins with the cliched theme of one friend backstabing the other by stealing ideas and taking credits but thats about all that is predictable about the story. The corporate independence of a women is the main conflict in the film, how the conflict resolves is for you to see in the film. Its not  one of those stock market jargaon filled incomprehensible films like the wall street and the rogue trader, whatever happens in the film happens in plain English and happens at a very fast pace.
A completely feel good film that has lot of feminism and very little humor. The story also has something to do with a software company being acquired by Hewlett Packard  and all the things that come with it, the chaos in the market, the geeky CEO getting cold sweat and an investment consultancy firm saving the day. Very exciting stuff.  Do watch if you get a chance.

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