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Waking Life December 18, 2006

Posted by ujj in LAN, Mood: Thrill me, Reviews.

Just had an awfully horrific dream. Till today I belived that dreams were manifestations conjured by the subconscious. Freudian theories meant nothing more than a mad guys work for oscar (fields medal ..uhm nobel may be). In my dream I remembered a friends advise who said if you want to find out if your dreaming try finding a light switch and try turning off the lights, if they dont turn off, you are dreaming. I tried to do that and realized that I was dreaming, I can fly my way back to home. wait a second I dont know where I live, doesnt matter its a dream I can roam around a bit in a dream.
I met someone who can drop me somewhere, but where. Says he will drop me on the second street on the next block. where is that. dont know, but its somewhere and its going to decide the course of my life. My life. what the heck is my, what is I? why what is so wrong about the concept of individualism. A man says
“the most stupid argument against existence of god is the inability of people to believe in the idea of free will. I mean if God has already decided whats going to happen to us, wheres our free will. They fail to understand that the same argument can be implied to science. If everything is so causal so rationally defined then every decision that we take is a result of somethings, again wheres the free will?”
I see an old man on the top of an electric pole, refuses to come down, doesnt know what hes doing up there but doesnt want to come down. I know, Im still dreaming. Someone walking with me says hes no worse than us hes all action but no theory, wer all theory no action. I am in my bed, I see the time but my digital clocks screwed up. I think Im still dreaming or am I..watch Waking Life, trust me.. itll change the way you dream. I kid you not. Richard Linklaters first rotoscopic genius. Up next A scanner darkly.

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