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New triple X December 11, 2006

Posted by ujj in action, Mood: WTF, Reviews.

Vin Diesel deserved more justice. Ice cube, the next triple X film is one of the most cliched action film to ever hit the big screen. An ex navy seal serving time in a high security prison makes a deal with another ex navy seal to get himself out in return of doing a job. His job is to retrieve a hard drive from a highly secured area and after some hardly mentionable action sequences, he does that. Like I said, highly cliched. Theres absoutely nothing, nothing at all, in the film.
Not that I loved the original triple X but this one surpasses all the screwed up sequels to this date. The new triple X, as hes called, is nowhere near being cool and astronomical miles away from being an action hero, and did I tell you that it has some text book dialogues as well, like “are you sure this is our man!” and “I aint taking any orders from noone especially none from the college boy ! “.  If youve seen as many films as I have, you can almost predict the next scene with dialogues.
A few scenes are well shot, all credit to the stunt directors who almost always save the day, the rest is all old scenes with new faces.



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