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The Associate December 20, 2006

Posted by ujj in Mood: sweet, Reviews.
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Whoopie Goldbergs brilliance and the different storyline are what make The Associate a lovely watch. The story begins with the cliched theme of one friend backstabing the other by stealing ideas and taking credits but thats about all that is predictable about the story. The corporate independence of a women is the main conflict in the film, how the conflict resolves is for you to see in the film. Its not  one of those stock market jargaon filled incomprehensible films like the wall street and the rogue trader, whatever happens in the film happens in plain English and happens at a very fast pace.
A completely feel good film that has lot of feminism and very little humor. The story also has something to do with a software company being acquired by Hewlett Packard  and all the things that come with it, the chaos in the market, the geeky CEO getting cold sweat and an investment consultancy firm saving the day. Very exciting stuff.  Do watch if you get a chance.

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Enemy at the gates December 18, 2006

Posted by ujj in action, LAN, Mood: serious, Reviews.
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Enemy at the gates is one of those films at the end of which either your dead or your alive. Either your truley madly deeply in love or betrayed by your bretheren. Either you’r a young kids dead body hanging on the pole or you’r a mother unaware of her childs death, either way your one of the characters of the film. If theres ever a film that sucks you in, this is bloody well one of them.
Its the true story of Hitlers attack on Stalingrad (1942) during the second world war. Vassili Zytsev is a young man brought up in the ice covered hills of russia, taught shooting by his grandfather. At a time when retreating soldiers were considered as traitors and shot by their own countrymen, Vassili brings in something that motivates the dead spirit of the red army. He brings in hope. He becomes a hero when people desperately need one. He single handedly snipes a large number of Nazi personnels and trains many more to be like him.
An experienced sniper of the Nazi army is called to end the Vassili story. Through some insider information, he knows exactly where hes going to be and waits for him. A battle begins between two sniper rifles and two pairs of eyes that dare not blink. Sounds exciting enough? if not then its my fault. If you’r a war films lover, you ought to see this one to be called one, if not, well its a good time to become one. A must watch for people interested in the red army history, the fact that its a true story make it all the more fantastic. A scene where one sniper can see the other through a mirror is just brilliant. The sets are great and flawless. If youv seen some war films, youd know how foolish editing can destroy a great film. Highly recomended.

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Waking Life December 18, 2006

Posted by ujj in LAN, Mood: Thrill me, Reviews.
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Just had an awfully horrific dream. Till today I belived that dreams were manifestations conjured by the subconscious. Freudian theories meant nothing more than a mad guys work for oscar (fields medal ..uhm nobel may be). In my dream I remembered a friends advise who said if you want to find out if your dreaming try finding a light switch and try turning off the lights, if they dont turn off, you are dreaming. I tried to do that and realized that I was dreaming, I can fly my way back to home. wait a second I dont know where I live, doesnt matter its a dream I can roam around a bit in a dream.
I met someone who can drop me somewhere, but where. Says he will drop me on the second street on the next block. where is that. dont know, but its somewhere and its going to decide the course of my life. My life. what the heck is my, what is I? why what is so wrong about the concept of individualism. A man says
“the most stupid argument against existence of god is the inability of people to believe in the idea of free will. I mean if God has already decided whats going to happen to us, wheres our free will. They fail to understand that the same argument can be implied to science. If everything is so causal so rationally defined then every decision that we take is a result of somethings, again wheres the free will?”
I see an old man on the top of an electric pole, refuses to come down, doesnt know what hes doing up there but doesnt want to come down. I know, Im still dreaming. Someone walking with me says hes no worse than us hes all action but no theory, wer all theory no action. I am in my bed, I see the time but my digital clocks screwed up. I think Im still dreaming or am I..watch Waking Life, trust me.. itll change the way you dream. I kid you not. Richard Linklaters first rotoscopic genius. Up next A scanner darkly.

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Requiem for a Babul December 13, 2006

Posted by ujj in copy cats, music review.
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I just saw a promo of Babul on TV. I am not going to comment on the storyline or the cast. Amitabh Bachann and Rani Mukherjee look all too good, but its the soundtrack Im so astonished about. I wonder if its the first time Aadesh Shrivastav has lifted some hollywood music. He was damn happy about his work during the music launch in grand hyatt a few days ago.
The background music you hear in one of the promos is the theme Summer Overture of Aronofskys Requiem for a dream by Clint Mansel. Boy, I hate it when these guys do this.
You can see summer overture of Requiem for a dream here.

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New triple X December 11, 2006

Posted by ujj in action, Mood: WTF, Reviews.
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Vin Diesel deserved more justice. Ice cube, the next triple X film is one of the most cliched action film to ever hit the big screen. An ex navy seal serving time in a high security prison makes a deal with another ex navy seal to get himself out in return of doing a job. His job is to retrieve a hard drive from a highly secured area and after some hardly mentionable action sequences, he does that. Like I said, highly cliched. Theres absoutely nothing, nothing at all, in the film.
Not that I loved the original triple X but this one surpasses all the screwed up sequels to this date. The new triple X, as hes called, is nowhere near being cool and astronomical miles away from being an action hero, and did I tell you that it has some text book dialogues as well, like “are you sure this is our man!” and “I aint taking any orders from noone especially none from the college boy ! “.  If youve seen as many films as I have, you can almost predict the next scene with dialogues.
A few scenes are well shot, all credit to the stunt directors who almost always save the day, the rest is all old scenes with new faces.