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Saw III November 9, 2006

Posted by ujj in Mood: Thrill me, Mood: WTF, Reviews.

Saw III is probably the only film Im waiting for.. after a long long long long time.
Reasons–> Saw I was the only psycho thriller after psycho and se7en that actually got me stuck to my seat. Saw II lived upto its expectations like Saw I and finally because just the thought of not having seen a complete trilogy(ies) gives me physical pain.

The difficult thing about making a psycho thriller is that you dont have too much to innovate, as a matter of fact all you can do new is make the psycho look more psycho or the poor victims look poorer. Or you can choose to do the tough task, add a storyline that grips the audiences. Psycho, Se7en, Saw I, Saw II, Hannibal, Red Dragon and now Saw III all have brilliant story lines. Its not just gore and blood and gross man slaughter that gets them money, OK those are the few things that get them money, but they have to work a lot on their psycho, cause hes the one people are spending their money for, they want to know about his childhood, his ex girl friend, the sources of his weird ideas about the punishing the intricacies of human nature among other details. All these aspects are to be craftily woven into a storyline so that an acceptable explanation for the existence of such a human being in the society of the audience is provided.
The main theme of Saw is a man suffering from Cancer who like everyone else had the hopes of living forever but like everyone else is very close to realizing and confronting the utlimate fact. In excruciating pain and suffering, he discovers the solution to death.Saw “Immortality”. By continue to living in the memories of people after hes gone. His theory that people have lost the survival instinct forms the basis of his ingenious “games”. Needless to say these games are not everyday sports, these games are specially designed puzzles to test the reach of human endevour when a loss would mean painful death. Several ordinary American citizens find themselves trapped in the game specially designed for them. Most fail and did I mention that nobody has choice to play these “games”. If your trapped in the game then you gotta play. Just to give you a hint of what your game could be like, you could be wearing an iron helmet that will crush your head in 30 seconds, unless you pop your eye ball out with a knife to get the key that unlocks the mask, specially put behind your eyeball after a surgery while you were unconscious.
Dont think too much. You gotta watch it to get a feel of it. Like I said, a lot of innovation goes into making films like these. I completely advise against watching Saw II or Saw III without having watched the first one. Theres a definite story that youll associate with every scene in the later parts of trilogy. Arguably the finest shot in a room films of all times, most of the action hardly requires any change in space or locale. If you love thrillers and psycho thrillers, its one of those films that give you one of those feelings that cannot be described. Yes that feeling. You know what I mean !



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