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DOR October 29, 2006

Posted by Priyanka Varma in LAN.

How far would you go for love?

Nagesh Kukunoor comes with another movie DOR with this unique theme after Hyderabad Blues and Iqbal. Iqbal, his last movie, focused on the politics in sports, the movie DOR focuses on love,loss, friendship and hope.

DOR is a tale of two women from two different worlds – Zeenat(Gul Panag) who depicts an independent and determined woman while Meera(Ayesha Takia) plays an innocent woman who has to follow the strict traditions of a Rajput household. The story is strung in such a way that Zeenat has to make a journey from Himachal Pradesh to Rajasthan in search of Meera to save her love and a strong bond of friendship develops between them.

A wonderful performance by Ayesha Takia. If you have watched her earlier roles, you would be surprised by her acting especially the scene where she opens her husband’s suitcase when it is delivered to her after his death.Gul Panag’s performance is equally good , even though her character is shown mentally and emotionally strong and is less challenging in terms of acting. Not to forget Iqbal..Yes Shreyas Talpade is also in the movie as a funny “behrupiya”. He introduces an element of fun and humour in the movie after Gul Panag meets him on her way to find Meera.

The theme is depicted in an uncomplicated, sensible manner without much glamour but some scenes in the movie like Talpade’s drunken confession of love to Gul Panag and Kukunoor’s appearance as an engineer who is attracted towards Ayesha Takia are somewhat not needed in the movie.

To conclude the movie’s theme is well depicted but is targeted to the niche audience. As the movie is sans glamour, dance numbers, melodrama it would not be appealing to the masses .



1. Calvin - October 30, 2006

Com’mon… give the film at least a little bit of credit that it rightfully and truly deserves. Its not made for the masses, its an Indian version of an Indie film which is specifically made for a so-called niche audience. Bollywood Calling, Rockford, Teen Deewarein are all made more out of the desire to make these scripts into films rather than making money out of them.

I guess, DOR is a perfect commentary on freedom of the mind… where logic precedes over every tradition and every emotion. Its interesting to observe how Gul Panag is spit at when she tries to make a logical statement in a setup full of tradition and negative emotions. Its fascinating again when Ayesha refuses to accept what Gul has to say despite the fact that Gul has been a ‘friend in need’ to her.

The final triumph of logic over everything else changes the very notion of freedom for Ayesha.

Personally the shot where Ayesha dances at this silly tune on Radio when nobody is around on the road is probably one of the best expressions of freedom I have seen on screen.

The movie has a lot of Jung if you wish to talk about it… but I will just leave it at saying that Kukunoor has grown with time. His scripts have something thrilling about it. Atleast they are different from the regular junk one gets.

2. priyankavarma - October 31, 2006

I agree with you Calvin….I missed some of the things like Ayesha dancing on the tunes of “You r my Soniya”, Gul being spit at by Ayesha’s in-laws, Ayesha falling down unconsciously while hearing the news of her husband’s death over the cell phone ….

The ” aam junta ” who like watching big-budget movies with all star performers, glamour and melodrama may not like watching a relatively small-budget, realistic film with Ayesha Takia, Gul Panag and Shreyas Talpade in the lead roles.

Very few movies like this are being made in India….Kukunoor has always been associated with qualitative cinema over the years. He ought to be complimented for making movie not merely for award shows or for making money..

3. priyankavarma - November 1, 2006

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