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DON October 27, 2006

Posted by Calvin in Reviews.

Somehow when you watch a film which is classified as ‘bad timepass’ by a few of your friends and you pay a 100 bucks for it… You always manage to have mixed feelings. You desparately want it to be worth every dime you spent on it and there is always that review at the back of your mind.

Farhan Akhtar is a decent film-maker. He has got spunk and probably to a certain extent even the creditability to pull-off a few off-beat but interesting story lines! DCH is a youth flick but at the end of the day its a got a distinct style… Let’s just say that its copyright Farhan Akhtar.

People didn’t particularly enjoy Lakshya but then again, looking at the film you can say once again that its got a distinct approach… towards the confusion of a young mind and his search for a purpose in life. Well you see patterns in both these films… music is relatively popular, cinematography is good and yes, dialogues are all spoken with quite an interesting mix of background music with brief moments of absolutely no music whatsoever.

But when it comes to his third film, I start with the utmost respect to the guy for picking up a movie close to the heart of millions of Indians who love Amitabh Bachchan. It’s a calculated risk. People will definitely give the film a shot but then people will also know what to expect. If you can’t match up, your film is doomed on the box-office.

Perhaps it didn’t match up to many expectations but then when it came to my expectations, I would rather say the film managed to surprise me. We all know the storyline so there is no point telling you who’s who of DON. The point is that in spite of everything being quite obvious and sticking to the scheme of the original film… This one has style, it has spunk, it has Mission Impossible and Matrix written all over it (that’s why a few people absolutely hate it!).

Despite hoping to see a tall angry young man playing the drug-lord of Malaysia… when you watch a sweet chocolate boy with a distinct hair style saying… “DON ko pakdhna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai!” You don’t seem to enjoy our hero’s metrosexuality!

What made me enjoy the film the most, was of course, the background score… nothing has changed in all these years… Kalyanji and Anandji made one of the coolest background scores for DON. I liked the fact that Shankar, Ehsan, Loy have just borrowed the score with more or less no tweaks whatsoever.

The camerawork is brilliant, in fact, at times I found a few ideas quite innovative. Reference to shot where DON and Roma are not killed by DCP DeSilva because our dear DON has some serious good information for him or the whole sky diving thing with two people and a single parachute! Even the cuts are interesting and somehow remind you of Guy Ritchie and Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels or Snatch.

It’s got flow, its gripping … it even manages to fascinate you with a few extremely stupid shots. Reference to Jasjit taking his kid across the narrow path between Petronas Twin Towers.

But all in all, the acting is decent! Direction manages to capture the feel of a DON who is being chased by the police of 11 nations. Kareena manages to show a little more legs than Helen. And Shahrukh as Vijay seemed convincing but not with the paan. The songs inspired from the original film are quite good, but the one track of Ganesh Puja was quite boring.

And at the end of the film, you understand why is this man the best among the international syndicate of drug dealers. Why you can’t mess with him and of course, why it is impossible to catch him?

In fact, I would say that we have all seen a decent noir film (that too, Indian for that matter!) and a good action film after quite some time. I would just like to borrow a line from the review that I read in IMDB about DON (the Original)… though it applies to this movie perfectly as well.

The movie manages to straddle that fine line between inspiration and
idiocy where you find the rarest of substances – pure entertainment.

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