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the Thing October 26, 2006

Posted by ujj in horror, LAN, Mood: Thrill me, sci-fi.

Unlike other sci-fi horror films that try to stimulate you by using frightful slimy, large clawed, multilegged predatory creatures, the Thing actually scares you by using the impostrous alien that can take the shape and form of any living object it comes in contact with, so in reality it scares the shit out of you using living creatures you see around you. Metaphorically this is more thrilling as in the film none of the characters can be assumed to be any way less dangerous than the other, not even a ski-dog!
A group of scientists in Antartica is confronting a strange organism of alien origin that can imitate any living thing that comes in its proximity. The Alien cells of the imitated body so formed remain active even when it is killed, that is the dead bodies are not really dead. This discovery starts a paranoia in the group as everyone alive is a possible alien in human form. The only way to prevent this spread is to burn the tissues and hence every one suspected to be an alien has to be burnt alive!
Though some of the copy book horror scenes like an alien strangulating a dog with its tounge are there, the Thing has some really creepy kick-ass stuff like an alien organism coming out of a human by splitting his face and then eating another human, really unique I must say. If you liked Ridley Scotts Alien, youll cherish this one, better sets and the use of icy environment of Antartica and ..ahem.. has a story too  🙂



1. Alabaster Crippens - October 26, 2006

The thing is truly an amazing film. Good tension and genuinely shocking special effects on a low budget. Keeps you on edge, and you never really know who’s gone monster and who hasn’t. The paranoia amongst the team is amazing. As you say, well worth a watch.

2. DrGore - November 7, 2006

I agree!! This film is one of the top ten all time horror/sci-fi films on my list. Suspensful, tense, good characters, and even better story. Some of the scenes somewhat remind me of comic books stills. Not sure why but I just watched this again the other night and I felt like I was watching a comic book! Anyway…

Go out and grab this one for sure if you have never seen it. And skip the re-make!

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