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WATER by Deepa Mehta October 24, 2006

Posted by Priyanka Varma in LAN, Mood: serious.

Water – The third film of the elemental trilogy after Fire and Earth by Deepa Mehta. Like the two movies this also delves into the social traditions of the Indian society.
Set in 1938, it says about the plight of the widows in the city of Varanasi. The movie starts with an 8-year-old girl Chuhiya(played by a Sri Lankan girl) getting widowed.Her wedding bracelets are struck, her head is shaved and her parents leave her in “widows house” in Varanasi. After this the movie is basically the experiences seen through her eyes. The women, of all ages, in the ashram are draped in white with shaven heads forced to spend an ascetic life. Chuhiya meets several elderly women, including the fat, domineering ashram head Madhumati;a beautiful young woman Kalyani(Lisa Ray) and a quiet,thoughtful, religious woman Shakuntala(Seema Biswas).Yes its the same Seema Biswas of the Bandit Queen. Kalyani, who is allowed to have long hair, is a source of income for the ashram as she is sent as a prostitute across the river Ganges.
The movie has its part of humour, dance and music when Kalyani and Chuhiya dance around the room during the rain showers, celebration of Holi in the ashram or the romance between Narayan(John Abraham) and Kalyani. Narayan is a foreign-educated follower of Gandhi who falls in love with Kalyani but their love doesn’t have a happy ending as Kalyani suicides drowning in the Ganges when she realizes that it was Narayan’s father where she was forced to visit as a prostitute.
The actors from the little Chuhiya to the old Madhumati are most accomplished,but the essence of the story is Seema Biswas.She is a woman who has faith in the old traditions but has tremendous inner strength and conviction. We can see in her eyes when her life is changed and challenged by Chuhiya and the prostitue. Although she has been ostracized as a widow, she desires to initiate a change. She has hope for the future which brings the movie to an end.
Apart from the good performances, the movie has a witty dialogue, a nice serene music and the beautiful cinematography.



1. kavya - May 20, 2007

a good deed.
keep it up u all
the water team.

2. Khensani Hatlane - August 30, 2007

Great movie , hope to see more by Deepa. You rock. I was just so emotional afterwatching the movie.

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