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Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak October 23, 2006

Posted by ujj in LAN, love stories, Mood: sweet, Reviews.

I wanted to watch QSQT since I heard a senior sing Mazaa aa raha.. kasam se ! as a freshman, shed sung it beautifully and got me all nostalgic about a film I saw ten years back so when I got the opportunity to watch this film again yesterday night (or today morning if you may), after ten years I took it with all limbs. Hate to use the cliched fifth standard essay statement but Ive seen many love stories but this is my favorite. Beautiful music, traditional rivalry between two families, mature people in puppy love, elopement and a romeo juliet end, what more could one ask in one film. The families dont accept the love between Amir Khan and Juhi Chawla but they arent too particularly keen to get their love sanctioned by their parents and so they run away to some place and stay in some barely standing brick structure, which incidentally is close to a pond so that they dont have any water problems. Raj (Amir Khan) prepares a make-shift roof and volla ! they are living happily but soon to be found by the Gundas (ugly looking , strong built, underpaid extras) deputed to look for them, they are found and in some strange consequences Rashmi is shot dead. Raj then kills himself.
Perfect ending, I would say. I hope I havent spoiled your fun by telling you the ending but believe me there after the interval there was never any doubt that this wouldnt happen 😉
Its good to go back a few decades to see old love stories. They are a much better commentary about those times than the films we have are of our times. We are trying to show open relationships when dreaming about marrying a southie girl for a northie guy is like dreaming about a body massage by Madonna … uhmm just not gonna happen man 😦

This film was a lot truer in that sense, actually telling what you face when you take that bold/rash/wonderful(!) step, but honestly music is great, Anand-Milind rocked or should I say ska’d and picturization of some songs are absolutely terrific. Good watch for nothing_to_do_evenings with friends.



1. Stunned - March 31, 2007

Its my favourite movie too. I am nostalgic with this movie and whenever I felt to revive my childhood I watched this movie. Reason, I love this movie is that it gave breaks to my favorites, Juhi Chawla, Aamir Khan, Udit Narayan, Anand Milind. I always feel nostalgic when I hear the song Ae mere humsafar which is my all time fav song.

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