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Pet Sematary October 23, 2006

Posted by ujj in horror, LAN, Mood: Thrill me, Reviews.

I know its been a while but we’ve done some work too. Our very own LAN crossed the 12 Terabyte mark a few days back and we realized that have so many films to watch and such a short 4 year campus life to live, some of us from now on have taken up the duty to write about every film we see (which, if I may be allowed to say, would be many). IPet Sematary recently watched Pet Sematary.

It Starts with the original Zee horror show background music (strange co-incidence). A typical Stephen King shocker with a little more shock than I was used to. Creed family moves to a new town along a highway which is regularly alive by the passing huge gas trucks. Their roaring will not be the only problem for the family. Near their house is a broken path that leads to a pet cemetary where broken hearted children bury their pets. The family has a pet cat which dies apparently being hit by a speeding truck. The pet is burried in a strange ground beyond the pet cemetary and heres where ‘it’ begins. The strange burrial ground was where the Micmac Indians burried their dead. Writing what happens next would be spoiling the fun of goosebumps.
The filming is superb and without the use of creepy background music, the environment it sets is a not_watch_alone one. The use of the friendly ghost Pax-cow is brilliant. The film has some memorable dialogues like “the heart of the man is stonier” and the image of Zelda a girl suffering from spinal meningites is very disturbing. The end though becomes a little too predictable, but a wonderfully scary watch nonetheless.

If you’r a horror fan you might also wanna try out The Shinning also by Staney Kubrick based on the novel of the same name by King. It has the kubricks characteristic loud and long music with amazing use of silence to create a chilly environment. Though pet sematary is a better and more complicated story, Shining is a far better film. Jack Nicholsan is brilliant and the story explains itself in the last few minutes of the film which just comes as a bang. To know more about horror films try our horror tag.



1. DrGore - October 24, 2006

Good review and I agree with you on the friendly ghost aspect. Never really seen that before in movies before this one.

If you would like to write any reviews for my site, http://www.horrorsociety.com or if I could use some of your horror reviews as well, that would be great. Let me know sometime!

2. ujj - October 25, 2006

@DrGore: Thanks a ton. You can always use the stuff we write here, itll be a pleasure if its of some use to you. 🙂

3. Alabaster Crippens - October 26, 2006

I’ve not seen Pet Semetary but I do agree with The Shining being a great film. The music and silence adds to an amazing atmosphere. A recent discussion led to me re-evaluating it a little though. A friend hates thes Shining quite thouroughly, and we were discussing this for a while. The basic conclusion was that firstly it does a very different thing to the book (which we had both read, and I would consider to be Stephen King’s finest by a long way; I have’t read much though and am not a massive fan). It creates an amazing atmosphere, but seems to be more directly about the psychology of loneliness and the ease of breaking into insanity, rather than emphasising the ‘Evil’ of the building. The plot is very thin (as noted above) but allows the building of suspense and a mood of fear to build very well. If anything, the only problem is that the panic and anger at the end can seem a bit over the top (imo for Nicholson this is a problem caused by his acting talent (or lack thereof), for Duvall this is the strength in her acting). Anyway, its worth a watch, I just wanted to make public that I feel i have over-rated the Shining for a while (I’m a big Kubrick fan), although I won’t be sure until I watch it again with these (and other) new thoughts.
My tuppence

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