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Invasion of the body snatchers October 23, 2006

Posted by ujj in LAN, Mood: Thrill me, Reviews, sci-fi.

Paranoia.!. run for your lives..

the pods are coming.. no one is safe..!!

One of the early films about alien invasion, it is by far one of most fast paced tense black & white films I have seen till date. A doctor finds several patients complaining of not recognising their near ones claiming them to be imposters. As the number of such people increases, he assumes it to be mass hysteria but as he finds a corpse in his friends house, his view of the situation begins to change. He realizes that some of his friends and him are the few remaining humans in the town. Others have been replaced by identical organisms of outer space that are born out of some large pods. He and his friends have to run for their lives to survive ans slowly everyone except the doctor are left. The doctor somehow escapes to the city and finds trucks loaded with these pods, he tries to tell the authorities about it who not suprisingly take him to be a lunatic. Something happens though, that makes the authorities believe hima and take evasive action.
The film is based on the idea of the dangerous communism coming to raid the streets of America after the WW-II. The undertones of “no ones safe” are barely suppressed and brings back memories of the weeding out of traitors by Senator McCarthy. A must watch for sci-fi lovers. For a 1956 film, it is way too fast and action packed.



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