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Anand Patwardhan September 5, 2006

Posted by ujj in film makers, Reviews.

Indian Governments have blatantly ignored parallel cinema, more so documentariesAnand Patwardhan and even more those that have exposed them and their mortal policies. Even more disgusting has been injustice given to people behind such works of real-life-art. Anand Patwardhan, one such documentary maker driven by the need to show the not so pretty picture of Indian society, has recently won the case of the ban imposed on one of his documentaries Father, Son and the holy war. The SC has ordered the DD to telecast the film in the next two months. The film perspicaciously looks at the relationship between religion and sexist tendencies woven into the religion of the majority. In the words of Gail Minault, University of Texas Austin, the film presents

Rampant machismo is never a pretty sight, and this two-part video contains a lot of excruciating imagery and some brutal truths. Part One, “Trial by Fire,” opens with flames in the dark, licking at the shops of Muslims in Bombay in the post-Babari Masjid riots of late 1992.


Part Two, “Hero Pharmacy,” continues the parallel between defense of culture as narrowly interpreted and the fear of impotence. From the pitch of the peddler of potency pills to scenes of little boys mobbing the popular cultural icon, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, in his visit to Bombay, the high value placed upon phallic masculinity is conveyed in no uncertain terms.

In his visit to the DA-IICT campus on 25th Feb 2006 (one of the highlights of Synapse’06), an utter perfectionist and outright critical Anand, though unhappy with the campus’s film screening equipment, satisfied every breathing soul with his answers to questions he must have faced over a hundred million times, after the screening of his documentary In the name of God .

Interview of Anand Patwardhan here.

Filmography and Awards here .



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