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Dhoom 2 September 1, 2006

Posted by ujj in previews.

The trailer of Dhoom 2 makes Tom Cruise’s tall building swing in MI III look like childs play. Dhoom, its prequel, introduced to the Indian film industry the bad_biker_boyz. The cutsom bikes became the latest hip show-off and sunglasses an essential accessory for a bike. John Abrahams hunkish looks with off-beat attitude (gotta give it to him, the guy never got caught!) won several billion hearts in Dhoom and to do justice to that image who else other than the greek god-bod of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan, would havel played the role of the bad hero in Dhoom 2. The other unique selling point of Dhoom 2 is the fantabulously gorgeous looking Aishwarya, the trailer however doesnt clarify whether shes a good girl or bad 😦

With the success of Dhoom, Dhoom 2 is expected to crash all records. My only contention is, whether the story will be original or not. Krrish, the most sucessful film of this year so far, had surprising similarities with Paycheck (remember the computer that can predict the future, that part was lifted!). I just hope that Hrithik is not after some computer disc and he doesnt transcend down inverted from the ceiling in a high security zone to copy the disc from a computer. Also to not to ignore Abhishek Bachan, I think he will provide ample support as a co-actor and so will Bipasha.

Music seems to be great and so do the graphics and cinematography. Dhoom had a song by Tata Young, I just hope theres Alizée in this one! . A nice moi Alizee for the credits!



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