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Satyajit Ray August 29, 2006

Posted by ujj in film makers.

Incidentally six of Satyajit Rays classics are on the LAN of DA-IICT, the film club has nothing to do with it. Some people taking HM479 course would know more about it. As a trustedpp source says, the weekly screenings of the Appu Trilogy in the library A/V room has been phenominal and has seen record turnups. Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Apur Sansar are the part of the trilogy, a visible change in the cinematography and strength of script make this trilogy one of the few that keep getting better and better.

The trilogy is a must watch for people who like watching films that represent life. People who believe in fate and that things happen for reason should watch this film. One of the prime things to look in the films are desires (most of which that remain unfulfilled, just like real life) and relationships and how Ray has dealt with them.

For some strange reason I feel people in research fields should take a look at Pather Panchali and read about rays research. In one of the interviews (theres also an interactive CD on Ray by the name Rays World, LAN acknowledged) says that he loved doing research. I feel the research is prominent in the film and any successful research will have to be backed by the same attitude or basics as that carried out by Ray. So a lot of stuff easily accessible in the comfort of your rooms. Go take a look!



1. rachael - January 19, 2007

i love that!

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