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The Motorcycle Diaries in Rain August 24, 2006

Posted by ujj in inside story, Screenings.

It kept drizzling for two and a half hours straight, ocassionally picking up pace and becoming unbearable, but for some 30 odd people sitting in the Open Air Theatre that night, running for cover did not seem too friendly an option. One of the veterans of the club did make a routine announcement asking them whether to continue the film or not, only to receive unkind words on his act of disturbance to a unique film watching experience, which he intended meant a “YES” (of course no further announcement was made again). Probably the exuberance of youth in the one of the most iconic figures of modern history, the spanish chipi chipi music and beautiful women kept them fixed to the concrete seats.

Covers (a temporary on_the_site solution) were brought out for the equipment, and for the next two hours of the film, it was forgotten that the rain meant a problem for open air film screenings. For the workmen of the film club, work was never so adorable. So when Che crossed the river to reach the other side of the village to celebrate his birthday with people suffering from leprosy, the film club guys celebrated their newly found solution to a weather proof screenings, ocourse it requires wonderful audience and itd not fool proof, but as Ive heard, theyr workin on it.

May the force be with them!!



1. Gunjan Juyal - August 26, 2006

thnx for the praise (me being one of the audience), but really, the film club guys do deserve a big pat on their backs for the great work they’re doing! Doing work behind the scenes, they seldom receive words of praise when all goes well, but are spanked if the screening goes wrong! I wudn’t wanna do such work, but thank god that some guys do it anyways!

Hoping for more of such movies. Cheers šŸ™‚

2. abhishek deshpande - August 28, 2006

good be i wanted to see that movie for so long. I miss the movie club so much :((

3. nitesh luthra - October 12, 2006

i want to see the movie now
miss film club a lot
grt work guys
shift this blog on blogspot also so that when in 2-3 months this blog becomes a hit you can earn from google add sense etc
keep writing

4. ujj - October 12, 2006

I wouldnt want to comment on that as yet!

5. shelly - January 22, 2007

i love that rug!

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