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Chronicles of Faith August 30, 2006

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A special screening of a film made by the MDes Group of DA-IICT is going to be held on Friday, 1 September 9:00 pm in the OAT. According to Nidhi Gulatee, one of the studentsinvolved in making of the film:

Chronicles of faith is a docu-fiction movie, an autobiography of an old earthen lamp which has been kept lit for 600 years. It is sitting in a niche in one of the monuments in Ahmedabad. Presently, an old man takes care of it making sure it never blows out. The lamp is a tiny lifeless entity. Hence it wonders why people believe in it and bow down to it. Each person interviewed in the film has a different story to answer this; a different reason to believe or not believe in this lamp. In the docu-fiction, the lamp delves into the foundations of faith as it explores the reason of its existence.

Runtime- 15 mins.

Students involved- Nidhi Gulatee, Sumit Kumawat, Ami Ahalpara, Rashmi Singh and Bhakti Padia.
Actors from Campus – Ankit Mundra and Bushra Firdaus.

The film will be followed by our regular weekend screening. Check the local intranet site for more info.


Satyajit Ray August 29, 2006

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Incidentally six of Satyajit Rays classics are on the LAN of DA-IICT, the film club has nothing to do with it. Some people taking HM479 course would know more about it. As a trustedpp source says, the weekly screenings of the Appu Trilogy in the library A/V room has been phenominal and has seen record turnups. Pather Panchali, Aparajito and Apur Sansar are the part of the trilogy, a visible change in the cinematography and strength of script make this trilogy one of the few that keep getting better and better.

The trilogy is a must watch for people who like watching films that represent life. People who believe in fate and that things happen for reason should watch this film. One of the prime things to look in the films are desires (most of which that remain unfulfilled, just like real life) and relationships and how Ray has dealt with them.

For some strange reason I feel people in research fields should take a look at Pather Panchali and read about rays research. In one of the interviews (theres also an interactive CD on Ray by the name Rays World, LAN acknowledged) says that he loved doing research. I feel the research is prominent in the film and any successful research will have to be backed by the same attitude or basics as that carried out by Ray. So a lot of stuff easily accessible in the comfort of your rooms. Go take a look!

The Best of Shyam Benegal August 25, 2006

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The success that New India Cinema enjoyed in the 1970s and early 1980s could largely be attributed to Shyam Benegal’s quartet Ankur (1973), Nishant (1975), Manthan (1976) and Bhumika (1977), which were artistically superior yet commercially viable films. Tapping fresh talent mainly from the FTII and NSD like Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Smita Patil, Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Amrish Puri, Benegal has made several sensitive and stimulating films.Nephew of Guru Dutt, Founder of the Hyderabad Film Society and a former Ad Filmmaker, Ankur, his first feature film, is set in rural South India where Surya, a zamindar’s son arrives from the city to oversee his father’s estate. Bored and sexually frustrated, he seduces his attractive maidservant, wife of a deaf-mute labourer. The discovery of the maidservant’s pregnancy and the arrival of Surya’s wife who senses her husband’s involvement bring matters to a head. The film is memorable for its engrossing details of rural life and its exposure of the feudal system that is brutal and indifferent and is helped by a powerful film debut by Shabana Azmi as the maidservant. Ankur not only won several awards including the National Award for Shabana but also had a good showing at the Box Office. Ankur will be screened on 26, August, Saturday in the OAT.

Info on Shyam Benegal taken from here.

More info on Shyam Benegal can be found here.

The Motorcycle Diaries in Rain August 24, 2006

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It kept drizzling for two and a half hours straight, ocassionally picking up pace and becoming unbearable, but for some 30 odd people sitting in the Open Air Theatre that night, running for cover did not seem too friendly an option. One of the veterans of the club did make a routine announcement asking them whether to continue the film or not, only to receive unkind words on his act of disturbance to a unique film watching experience, which he intended meant a “YES” (of course no further announcement was made again). Probably the exuberance of youth in the one of the most iconic figures of modern history, the spanish chipi chipi music and beautiful women kept them fixed to the concrete seats.

Covers (a temporary on_the_site solution) were brought out for the equipment, and for the next two hours of the film, it was forgotten that the rain meant a problem for open air film screenings. For the workmen of the film club, work was never so adorable. So when Che crossed the river to reach the other side of the village to celebrate his birthday with people suffering from leprosy, the film club guys celebrated their newly found solution to a weather proof screenings, ocourse it requires wonderful audience and itd not fool proof, but as Ive heard, theyr workin on it.

May the force be with them!!

Behind Enemy Lines August 18, 2006

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A typical masala fast paced action film. What makes it different is that the hero fights for belhis survival in more believable ways (read: runs, hides and asks for lifts) . Owen Wilson has crashed in enemy territory and is now alone. He runs to reach a safe ground where he can be picked up. Gene Hackman is a the captain of the aircraft carrier (a ship) from where Owen left, he talks to Owen and we get to hear some great dialogues. Ofcourse occasionaly we have the same old American_technology_greatest spirit displayed in as Gene locates Owen from a sattelite image (ha ha !) . The rest of the film is really interesting especially when the enemies claim on the TV that theyve got Owen. Fabulous watch for action film lovers and I mean action films not like SunnyDeolAction films!

The Motorcycle Diaries August 18, 2006

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A 23 year old medicine student moves out to discover the world on a banged up bike with his friend. The film follows the development of the young man’s political views and the making of perhaps the most iconic revolutionary figure of the latter half of the 20th century. The young man was Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara.

The film does not barrage you with political ideas or theories; it grows on you, soaking you up. That is exactly the way such movies ought to be. Beautiful cinematography and the background score (won Oscar for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song) adds to the atmosphere. Acting is first rate. Garcia Bernal after ‘Amores Perros’ lives up to expectations portraying ‘Che’ in an understated yet powerful performance. The supporting cast also performs admirably.

It’s easy to get preachy in a film like this. But Walter Salles (the director) doesn’t get carried away. You ought not to miss this one. Also, grab the book (of the same name) from the library.

Review by: oranjee

KANK August 14, 2006

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New York Times’ Neil Genzlinger found Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna “surprisingly engaging ” and says

A French version would have a lot more sex and cigarette smoking. An American one would probably end with a letter opener in someone’s back.

He says some shots are longer than necessary but the presence of deliciously watchable actors (used in common gender) makes you stick to your chair. Theres a lot of song and dance and no doubts that Karan wanted it to be larger than life, something like Casablanca or Gone with the wind. You can read the article here .

Kamla Bhatt writes about the various reviews of KANK here.

My own reviews would come as soon as the film makes it entry into the campus, which I assume would take some time.

The Blog August 7, 2006

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Finally, on the occasion of our 3rd anniversary, we have underwent a major revamp of our interfaces. And so our schedules and the plans for screening movies for this year.

We have started this blog to provide a platform for the DA-IICT community to discuss movies.

There are still a lot more things in store.

All of you can post your comments here in this blog.

People interested in contributing reviews, can leave their e-mail address in the comment or jus drop in a mail at film_club[at]daiict.ac.in. We will send you an invite to join this blog.

Ravi Atluri